Stuff we love

We love gear, gadgets and gizmos as much as you do.  Here is some of the stuff we are particularly excited about right now 


Spider holster products

I think we are more excited about these products than anything we have used in quite some time. We never liked belt type systems but the Spider Holster Pro is different. You never feel like your pants are falling down and your camera is completely secure in using there one of a kind latch system.  Top quality product that has a huge impact on the way you shoot.  

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pd backpack.jpg

Peak Design Bags

We the Chopstick Guys probably have 40 different bags and backpacks between us.  We have definitely found our new favorite.  To say these bags are incredible is an understatement.  They are built like a tank. Have some of the most unique features and can old ALL your gear with ease.  We are just blown away on how much gear these bags hold.  It all has to do with the Peak Design interior shelf/divider system.  Watch the video on there website and you will become a believer or just ask us to check out our bags at the next workshop.

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Interfit Photographic Equipment

High Speed Sync has changed the way we shoot! The Interfit S1 monolight features TTL and High Speed Sync all with out cords!  Thats right the batterie is built right into the unit and remote triggers are available for Canon, Nikon and Sony.  Once you shoot with lights that will allow you to shoot at any shutter speed you will never go back.  It really is a life changer.  

Use this code for a generous discount and see what we are taking about : code - CHOPSTICKS10
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