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Workshops designed for you

Novice or Pro we have workshops designed for you.  We realize that photographers come in all skill levels but we all have the desire to better our skills.  Our goal is to provide the best learning environment for every skill level. We do this by offering the most unique workshop opportunities available today.  Whether you are looking to start learning the basics of your camera or the most advanced techniques we have you covered.  From wedding photography workshops, lighting workshops, senior portrait workshops all the way to drone photography. If it has to do with photography, we do it.  



Panoptic workshops are not your grandmas photo workshops.  Get ready for something new, exciting, and bold. And hey, you might even learn something along the way


panoptic workshops come in many flavors to match any taste

full action workshops

Looking for something a little more interactive? You've read the books, watched the videos and sat in multiple classrooms but now you are ready to get in the action.  We take a hands on approach to learning by introducing you to a concept and letting you apply it immediately.  If it requires models, we've got them. If it requires props, they're available.  We provide everything you need to become successful in the concepts we will be teaching.

classroom and action workshops

Sometimes we need a little class time before we venture out and start clicking.  Our classroom sessions in combination with our action workshops are some of our most popular offerings.  These workshops give you the best of both worlds and are taught by photographic experts who's aim is to give you the proper tools for you to make you successful.  


post processing workshops

Photography does not end once we have clicked the shutter.  Post processing is often one of the most misunderstood and poorly executed parts of the photographic process. We teach you how to use the worlds most popular graphic and photo editing software from the Adobe suite of products.