The Chopstick Guys take to the sky

Last week we took out the Interfit S1 lights and photograph two paramotor pilots on a beautiful Northern California evening. We had this idea of setting up two lights pointing into the sky and lighting up the pilots as they flew between them.

For the first hour, we tried as they were backlit by the summer sun, this proved difficult as we expected because the timing had to be spot on to get them close enough to the lights to overpower the sun.

Once the sun began to set it was game on! Timing was still an issue. While looking through a wide lens it is difficult to judge how close they really are and it's easy to fire too soon.

We had the pilots land and took 10 minutes creating portraits on the ground with them, we are very happy with the results

Take a look at the Interfit S1 lights:

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Special thanks to Jack Armstrong for shooting and putting this video together!

steve batz