Sacramento Dance Photography Workshop

Sacramento Dance Photography Workshop


Dance Photography Workshop
Saturday, March 24th 1 - 5 pm
Downtown Sacramento
$89 per photographer

Get your cameras ready to take some amazing portfolio building images.  We have cast a fantastic group of dancers ranging from modern dance to Ballet.

We will be taking photos of our dancers outdoors in the area surrounding and including the exterior of the California state Capitol.

If you have never taken images of  dancers before you will soon find that they will become one of your favorite subjects.  As master photographer says, "if you want a stellar image just add a dancer to any photo."  

Thoughout our time together we will be having a few lessons on Lighting and High Speed Sync.

What to Bring:
Extra camera batteries
Lenses of various focal length
Portable lights or flash (optional)
Empty memory cards
Water to keep hydraited

We will be on the move so only bring what YOU can easly carry.

Meeting locatoin will be given prior to workshop.

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